Goals for Students Through Restorative Practice

Restorative Practice – Goals for Students

1. Students will learn to value and regularly use pro-active, positive ways to build and maintain a peaceful classroom community.

2. Students will develop and enhance positive and supportive connections with peers.

3. Students will develop an understanding of the principles and vocabulary of restorative practice.

4. Students will learn how to participate in circle dialogues, including circle guidelines.

5. Students will learn to use and respect a talking piece.

6. Students will learn how to use restorative questions to support conflict resolution and other types of communication.

7. Students will learn to identify who is affected by misbehaviors, and how.

8. Students will contribute to developing appropriate ideas for how to make things right when harms have occurred.

9. Students will learn how and when to ask for a restorative circle.

10. Students will learn to communicate how they are affected by given situations using affective statements and restorative questions.


Resource – http://www.healthiersf.org