Counseling Staff

Trenton Law – Lead Counselor, High School 
I have been working in the field of education for 16 years. Prior to that I was a member of the US Air Force for over 9 years working in the meteorology and legal field. I spent the first five years in education as a middle school JROTC Leadership Instructor where I taught and demonstrated to students the character and skills of effective leadership. Upon completing the master of education degree in school counseling, I was hired as a high school counselor at Lyndon B. Johnson High School, AISD. I worked at LBJ for six years, five as the Lead Counselor. Now I have the privilege of providing counseling services for students at the Alternative Learning Center.


Mary Reyes –  Lead Counselor, Middle School

We learn more from our mistakes and not so much from our successes.

At the ALC, I work on supporting students  with learning new ways to see themselves and to navigate the school experience. Identifying strengths, and using those strengths will help with  remaining  interested in learning. I work on helping students and staff  be present with themselves and to look forward with confidence. Having a positive outlook is helpful with  remaining  optimistic about the future.


Jerry Cantu – Drug and Alcohol Counselor

Sometimes the most basic and powerful way to connect with another person is to just listen.

Positive Vibes

Positive Attitude

Positive Life


Gary Shaw – Social Service Specialist

“Everything that happens to you is your teacher. The secret is to learn to sit at the feet of your own life and be taught by it.”—Polly B. Berends

This quote embodies my beliefs about how we create personal growth in ourselves and in our students. Life is therapy, and we are participating in it either consciously or unconsciously. I believe that one of our primary duties in working with our youth is to help them to understand this reality and begin to engage in the process of change with awareness. I believe that our love and support will help students to embrace the lessons that Life is presenting and prepare them for life-long learning, both academic and social/emotional.


Caitlin Brown – School to Community Liaison

After five years in various social work positions within the schools, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to be the campus social worker at the ALC. In my role, I provide counseling, case management, and enrichment opportunities to middle and high school students. Research shows that a trusted adult can make all the difference for students who struggle in school. Our counseling staff can fill that role at the ALC, and I also help facilitate relationships at home campuses to ensure a smooth transition.

I believe in the power of the family system, so I am here to provide support to families as well so our students have every opportunity to succeed in school. My goal is to help families and students eliminate obstacles to school success and empower them to make positive choices. Starting where the student is, I can help develop the skills to remove barriers and accomplish future goals.





ALC Counseling/Social Services Component

I. Assessment and Triage

Expectation is that all parents attend an orientation process, and during that process, participate in a social service interview to assess social, emotional, psychological and family systems issues that contribute to the student’s discipline problems, academic success, and adjustment to the school setting. This information is used to target students that are in need of intervention. Social services may be offered while the student is at ALC, or counseling staff may coordinate with the home campus to address the student needs.

II. Social Services offered

ALC counseling department provides a wide range of services, either in-house, or in collaboration with agencies in the community.

individual counseling

group counseling

community resources

Invest and Positive Families programs in evenings

(Please refer to handout for comprehensive description of services)

In-kind services provided by community agencies:


III. Community Resource Linkage

ALC counseling staff identifies community social service resources which might offer assistance with issues/problems assessed during the intake process.

Staff provides referral and linkage to identified resources

Ongoing communication and coordination of services with agencies

IV. Coordination of services with AISD Social Service Specialists and home schools

Counseling staff relates assessment, service provision, and resource linkage information back to AISD Social Service Specialist or home school counselor to insure continuity of service and intervention in the most serious cases.

V. Weekly case staffings

Counselors meet weekly to plan/discuss interventions for students exhibiting significant behavioral, social, or emotional difficulty.