Focus of ALC


The mission of the Alternative Learning Center is to provide Academic Instruction and Support: to help students modify inappropriate behavior and to develop social skills necessary for success in their home schools, their community, and their family.

Students come to the ALC for a variety of reasons. Our goal is to create an environment of support with a focus on academics and social/emotional learning.  Through our Registration process, all families visit with a member of our counseling team privately as we work to identify family needs, determine services currently being offered, and provide community resources where necessary.  On the first day, all students attend Orientation where they are assessed in regards to their reading literacy.  Through this process, we identify gaps in learning and work to provide specific interventions to meet student’s needs. In addition, students will be assessed using LEAPS to determine their strengths and weaknesses in a variety of social/emotional skill sets.

Once in the classroom, students are taught by highly qualified teachers in the same coursework and following the same curriculum guides as their home campus. We focus daily on specific objectives as well as specific products to measure a student’s success in class. We are purposeful about our planning process, identifying methods to reteach concepts to close the gaps and push students academically. Additionally, we plan the level of questions we want our students’ to attain through a class period knowing that as student’s level of understanding differs, we must meet them where they are and guide them to where they need to be. It is our goal that a student leaves ALC with the ability to improve their behavior, as well as an increased understanding of the academic content they are held accountable for mastering.


We Change Lives…One Student at a Time.